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I was born in 982 in Istanbul, Balat. I graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Stage and Performing Arts Management Department. Since 2009, my literary criticism, book reviews and articles have been published in various publications, including Sabitfikir, Radikal Kitap, Cogito, Baykuş, Back Cover, Good Book and Notos Magazine. Nowadays, I continue to write in the book supplements of the newspapers, Sabitfikir, Back Cover, Notosoloji, Cogito, Notos Magazine and Bookend. Via  I provide writer coaching and developer editor services especially to new writers.


copyrights of authors in Turkey  abroad  in addition to the representation  Being the representative of broadcasting agencies and publishing houses in Turkey is one of my primary goals.

All you want to share  about me  You can reach us at You can also submit your requests for a free writer coaching session via the contact form.

Remember, writing is living. If you write, you change, transform and transform…


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