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Ceylan Hazinedar - Editör - Kitap Ajanı - Kitap Ajans - Kitap Danışmanı

In order to publish a book, you do not have to know the publishing world, struggle for months, and try to get yourself and your book accepted.


As the Book Agency, we carry out your representation, bring together the publishers and authors in our network, and ensure that the author can easily publish his book.

We turn the experience and connection of  decades in the publishing industry into books that are sold and read. We stand by the author at every stage from the beginning of a text to meeting its readers, and turn this pleasant journey into books on the shelves.

I've been working with writers and publishers for many years, I've been a bridge. The knowledge and experience I gained has taught me that the author should be more comfortable in publishing his book. You just decide, your book will easily meet its readers with the Book Agency!

Ceylan Hazinedar


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